Swiss SIX Digital Exchange CEO Departs Due to ‘Strategic Differences’

The CEO of Switzerland’s SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), the cryptocurrency-focused arm of the the country’s principal SIX Swiss Exchange, is departing the company, local news outlet SwissInfo reported on Aug. 14.  CEO departs before SDX launch Martin Halblaub will step down after eight months into his job when his contract expires at the end of August following disagreements on how the trading platform should be run.  Halblaub reportedly wanted SDX to launch as an independent company, while the board of the parent company — SIX Group — disagreed. He commented…

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MakerDAO CTO Departs, Points to Internal Conflicts

Andy Milenius, formerly the chief technology officer at MakerDAO, published an open letter dated April 3 explaining his concerns over the project’s internal conflicts. MakerDAO is the  company behind the decentralized algorithmic Ethereum-based stablecoin DAI as well as the governance token Maker (MKR). In his 24-page-long letter, Milenius describes a conflict between his ideas of equal workspace and democratization true to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and his fellow executives’ desire for a traditional corporate efficiency. The text accuses Rune Christensen, the CEO of the company, of having tried to…

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